Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Unit 2 blog post

 I can personnaly rise with how i manage myself like what i doo al day like no video games not to much reading stuff like that.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

     Studying world history is learning new things. I know studying isn't fun bust the wars that happened and the positive outcome is the fun part. Every new thing people learn is a new thing to remember. History overall is sometimes slow moving but overall everybody likes most of it.
This picture relates to how I study world history because it show how cheerful I could be about it, it shows how cheerful I will try to be about it. I'm happy about studying world history because a positive thing that happened to me during world history was when my dad was my teacher and he did the civil war with us and it was so fun. Everybody in my class loved it,and enjoyed it.  Another positive thing that happened to me in history was learning about who invented ice cream in seventh grade.
  A negative thing that happened to me in history was the homework constantly everyday. I hated homework so much i would have burned it if we had a fire place. I also hated how we had to popcorn read the text book. It was like homework and when your class was slow it just got on my nerves so bad.

   studying world history overall will be fun in the end i garuntee that everybody will have fun one point in the year.